If my life were summed up into a poorly written free verse poem

it would be full of


(Chickfila 8 count with

fries, cheese sauce),

laughter, the loud

“I think I just went deaf” while

sitting next to you kind,

the color black

with white polka dots,

church with hymnals

and my father up front

in a black robe and moustache,

me, running with a camera

to catch a sunset

quickly fading

into a salty sea,

three degrees

and a junior one bedroom

for one,

a faith

that produces joy

like peanut butter

(smooth, not chunky)

that sticks to the roof

of your mouth

not wanting

to let go.

I was bald until the age of two. And then, as if by magic, my hair manifested itself into an afro reminiscent of a chia pet or a 70s disco star overnight. I feel this blog is kind of like my tragic childhood hair. It took a long time in coming, but suddenly all my life experiences, education, and most importantly my faith, have come together and presented itself overnight in a way that reminds me God knew what He was doing all along.

This blog is a random compilation of my own writing—letters to the Big Man upstairs, satirical pieces poking fun at our Christian culture, and miscellaneous writings that are like that puzzle piece you just can’t find the right fit for. And then there are the images/GIFs I find off the internet that I usually post on my friends’ Facebook walls with my own personal touch, as well as my own personal photography, videos, or Photoshop projects.

While I hope that this blog humorously reflects the reality of being in this season of life, my ultimate goal is that this blog is a reflection of who I am writing this for—God. I pray that God (G) becomes bigger and I (m) become smaller. I’m certainly not perfect, but I am perfectly content with where God has me in this season of life as a twenty something, single Christian girl.

Here’s to hoping you enjoy my ‘fro.

– m


e-mail: myletterstog@gmail.com

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